Pensacola Business Brokers (PBB) specializes in confidential business sales, mergers & acquisitions, valuations and
exit strategy planning to owners of privately held businesses in the 100k to 3.0 million range.
We are your “one source business brokerage firm”.



Let us help you plan your route to the future


Sell Your Business

Looking to sell your business? Not sure where to begin? PBB has over 20-years’ experience in guiding owners through this process. With PBB on your side you can be confident that you will get the most out of your biggest asset……..your business.

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Acquire a Business

Buying a business is a life changing event. If you’re looking to buy a business hiring a professional intermediator to help coach you through the process is a wise investment. We can assist in finding the right business opportunity for you.

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Exit Strategy Planning

Is your business your retirement plan? It is estimated that over 87% of current owners have no plan of action when it comes to selling their business. Eventually all owners will exit their business for various reasons. It is never too early to start planning for this inevitable event. Let PBB help you develop an exit strategy around your goals.

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Maximize Your Equity

Want to boost your equity? Looking to get the highest price for your business? Studies have shown that businesses who use a professional business valuator have an 80% chance of selling at a much higher price. Those who do not use a business valuator have only a 10% chance of selling. Visit our valuations & exit strategy pages to find out we can help!!!

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We have over 20 years’ experience assisting buyers & sellers with honesty and integrity. With offices in Pensacola & Destin, we serve the beautiful emerald coast & surrounding areas.



  • Southern Cloud Accounting – Paul Barrett, CPA
  • Bill Eveleth – Business Coach, Fractional CFO
  • SBA Funding – Main Street Funding

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