Business Valuations


The answer is simple.  In today’s marketplace a business owner should know the value of their business.

Gone are the days when the adage “My business is worth what a buyer will pay for it” was a meaningful method of calculating business worth.  Potential buyers, bankers, the full spectrum of other lending institutions and others concerned with the real market value of your business demand concise, conclusive and professional documentation.

A PBB formal business valuation provides the detailed information that is required to objectively and precisely determine a business’s fair market value in your marketplace.

If you are the business owner or prospective purchaser, perhaps you’ve come to a crossroad and find yourself wondering:

  • Is it more profitable to sell my business or hold on to it?
  • Should I sell now?
  • Should I wait for a more opportune time?
  • What is my business really worth to a potential buyer?
  • How can I optimize my profits if I do decide to sell?
  • Should I buy now?
  • Do I want to arm myself with the best professional information available before making my investment decision?
  • Will I make a more informed purchase decision with optimum disclosure and understanding?
  • Am I being asked to pay a fair market price for the business?
  • Does this business satisfy my goals of purchase?

Questions like these demonstrate your need for a professional valuation, through which you’ll get the necessary information required in taking a truly informed look at the options before you.

PBB performs valuations for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Selling a Business
  • Employee/relative Stock Ownership
  • Martial Dissolution
  • Estate Planning
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Buying a Business