Info for Seller


Deciding to sell your business is the easy part.  How to go about it is entirely different!  Setting a price, advertising, negotiating with a prospective buyer, and a sea of legal and financial details need to be addressed.  Also, most accounting in a privately held company is done to minimize tax obligations and may not portray the company’s full financial potential.




We can market your business without employees, customers or competitors knowing that it is for sale.  This is important for a smooth continuation of the business during the selling process.



We can save you time and frustration when it comes to selling your business.  We’re the small business experts who can guide you through every aspect of the selling process – from arriving at a fair market price to handling financial arrangements and closing the transaction.  That’s why so many of our clients come back.



Because so many small businesses go on the market each year, selling a small business is a competitive ordeal.  We can expose your business to qualified prospective buyers not only in your local area, but throughout the United States, thus securing qualified prospects.  A good business broker is invaluable to the process.

In addition, we screen buyers to determine their financial qualifications.  Because we work with each potential buyer in finding the right business for his or her needs, the prospects we bring to you are genuinely interested in the type of business they inquire about as well as financially capable of making a purchase.

Did you know that only one out of 10 buyers ever buys the type of business they called about?  Only one out of 400 buyers buys the specific business advertised!




Determining the right price is crucial.  PBB arrives at a fair market price that you can feel good about.  We can do this because we know business comparisons in your area and market.

We screen all inquiries, then schedule buyer-seller meetings only with serious prospects at a time convenient to you, thus you receive the combined benefits of convenience and absolute confidentiality.

We handle negotiations in a patient and professional manner focusing on the business issues undistracted by possible emotional and personality conflicts.